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Tea garden address:Yingde city lianjiankou Town jinhaiwan economic development zone

Tea and life

Before a few days a new female friend, talk about tea with the topic of women. Shape to please the woman such as tea, tea tea, female to yue oneself person look. Dark brown, it is better to embellish, uniform, net female skin if coagulate fat as beauty. Tea or ﹑ or comfort or romantic, woman wen wan enthusiasm or intelligent or elegant. 20 years old woman, are all sending out the charming fragrance, is like a tea, near and far, full of endless possibilities and daydream. 30 years old woman, from immaturity to maturity, is a cup of green tea, a light seemingly mundane they do let a person not to put down. A woman over 40, experiencing the baptism of life, rich, lubrication is like a cup of black tea, the connotation of the deep, the more gets incense, worth to savor. , 50, a woman, has been through life, everywhere, like a better cake aged pu-erh tea, be worth to collect and finish. And, of course, real life is different, someone to wan road, someone to not walk home. Is the so-called tea have subway, life it not so? Tea meditation, life is a joy. For one thousand years, the tea ceremony, tea culture shows a eternal vitality, though still continue, regardless of the China tea art, the Japanese tea ceremony, tea ceremony in Korea, they make contact person experience her a force. What is the secret? Is to obtain a true edify people through the tea ceremony.

Rich and colorful tea culture can be summed up in boring, tea, tea, tea zen. Tea, the tea of fun, including material enjoyment and spiritual pleasure. Brew, clear spring, tea set, beauty, beauty, friend, makeovers, fit together. Fun can be composed by tea, no others don't. Tea, that is, the qualities of tea. Liu yu contemporaries Liu Zhenliang put forward "ten" tea to tasting tea, tea for the body, with tea flooding gamey smell, preventing gas with tea, tea for angry, SanMen gas with tea, tea to the ceremony, with tea table, with tea can be heart, with tea can be doers of the word. Zen tea, tea is interpretation and buddhist karma closely. Meaning is the tea zen union and achieve a kind of state. In the spiritual realm of tea, I do not know a few people can feel? A western poets say: "see the world in a grain of sand". From a piece of tea can taste the the spirit of mountains and rivers landscape and nature. To grasp from the tea mountain scenery, and continuously subtle changes in the real taste, delicious and the true qi, can yet be regarded as a simple practice of returning to nature. Tea in addition to the mysteries of nature, is human to cooperate. Tea can DuZhuo, also appropriate drink, a cup in hand, the fragrance full chamber, eliminate distracting, make the person heart is a heart, but to give up fame and wealth. "Cold nights when wine" guest to tea, tea to serve the guest, although less drunk is inspiring, high-spirited, but three two youpon, tea breaks, a fragrance "all", gossiped, spent more happy atmosphere. Host can enjoy meaning, tea's world is a world of peace. Tea is no longer simple is a kind of drink, it represents a kind of culture, a kind of value orientation, expressed emotion, attitude towards life, have a deeper mental state. If a person with taste in tea, natural love of life, the emotion, the life will be; And love the life, must have integrity of the personality. As the tea in the "saint" : surely understand of the tea is "fine line waste DE man."

Man is a kind of tea, is a kind of mixed with a variety of love and light of drinks. It is not only for women, but also to man himself.

Men between the ages of 10 is the hippocampus palace tea, at the beginning of human nature, light green alcohol flavor, sweet aftertaste. Like tea and like the light streams. The 20-year-old man is made yuhua district tea, new feelings, to really to the pure, cool taste fresh and color fragrance. Is a man is different from a woman's beauty and mei. Men between the ages of 30 "biluochun" tea, experience is a process of pursuit in life, in addition to the impetuous and keep the aroma and has the unique style of beauty. 40-year-old man is the west lake longjing tea, simple in embodies the perfect, mature embodies the noble. And this is true nobility can close by, fills the air in the rotary to simple. Men between the ages of 50 is frozen tea, experienced years temper, begin to hone years. Things do, do not need too much, love nature. Men between the ages of 60 is scented tea Hester prynne, the natural harmony, the income of pure yuet, taste. 70 - year - old man is a silver needle pekoe, have unnecessary saw a holistic, only one point drop, all can outline the elegance, humanity has waft its shape, and landscape oneness of heaven and earth. After a 70 - year - old man is a life of eyebrow, is the tea is sweet to a body, experienced and wondrous temperament lust.

Why people like to compare "friends" friendship to tea? Once a friend said, friends, such as tea best. The tea is pale, but it can seeps into the spleen heart, do not forget for a long time. Don't tight, light. Tightly exaggerated, but like flowing clouds sky, in a hurry, us, leaving only a blank. A lot of people don't understand, why light intersection, taste for a long time to develop. Tea can support. Tea grows, people feel your breath; Tea light, must be through the process of thick thick. Thick thick, must be as light as a feather. Visible light, such as green leaves. All, see clearly in the light. See clearly, also knew the thick thick at first, but is a process.

So, good tea, the brew is making big leaves of strong tea, drink up and satisfied. Teataster to light. Light, the scent in it. Tea should choose grade, friends also want to taste the flavor. Strong, and the ups and downs, leaving white all the way. Like a horse galloping horse, disappeared in the end of the day. Light, refreshing and light, and left a imagination. As the spread of a piece of green grass, fresh on the rows. Will not necessarily strong, quick wind rain, but the lack of imagination. Light, also not be bland, but full of poetic.