CITC Yingde Tea Garden



Add:Shenzhen baoan district fuyong street xin tian community fengtang road no.1

Tea garden address:Yingde city lianjiankou Town jinhaiwan economic development zone

Tea garden presentation

CITC yingde tea garden is located in "China's black tea of the township" award of guangdong qingyuan city of Germany, the tea garden by CITC Shenzhen City fangyuan Construction & Engineering, denounce is gigantic endowment in the German city set up his own tea garden, green ecological food production -- British black tea, tea mainly engaged in tea cultivation, production, marketing; The traditional tea processing technology combined with modern technology, continually optimize the quality of the British black tea. Home to the British tea has its own tea garden 500 Chinese acres. Perform organic fertilizer plant and pollution-free tea plantation management, more guarantee the raw material of original products and stability. "Quality journey, healthy old tea garden" with the continuous improvement of people's for food safety consciousness, strengthening optimization tea garden environment, production environment, in the interests of the people health service concept, to provide safe and healthy British black tea. Our company production of the red uphold the production technology of one thousand, no. 9 aroma fresh, strong smell fresh, tang bright, high polyphenol content, red leaves, and clear water or the drink is appropriate, alcohol flavor.