CITC Yingde Tea Garden



Add:Shenzhen baoan district fuyong street xin tian community fengtang road no.1

Tea garden address:Yingde city lianjiankou Town jinhaiwan economic development zone

Yinghong-9 features

Yinghong-9 was introduced in 1961 from a group of Yunnan large leaf plant selection system after 30 years of breeding, regional trial demonstration bred early bud using high yield, high quality high efficiency, wide adaptability of clonal varieties of tea leaves much , has the following characteristics:

1 large-leafed trees bud early, strong apical dominance.

2. High yield, more than 188 kg per mu, reportedly now up to 225 kg of good management. Yunnan large leaf ratio increased 29.76%, in the province of Yunnan large leaf area ratio test yield 37.91%.

3. Suitable for making a variety of famous tea, excellent quality. Rich shoots biochemical substances, including 34.17% polyphenols, catechins 152.13mg / g, amino acids 2.06%, 4.35% caffeine, water extract 41.25%. Manufacturing high-grade export broken black particles Shigemi, soup Hongyan, heavy and mellow taste of concentrated strong, fragrant high lasting. Identified by the Department of Agriculture inspection center for two sets of high-grade level (high 98 points); made full Phi alms pekoe tea, soup Huanglv Ming Liang, mellow taste sweet, resistant to brew; made tea cents cents gold razor sharp , color fresh oily, soup gold Huangyan Liang, rich floral lasting, strong taste heavy and mellow sweet sweet. Kim cents tea, tea alms three consecutive (1992,1994,1996 year) by the Guangdong Provincial tea champion (gold medal), to fill the large-leafed tea blank. In addition, the system also suitable for high-grade silver needle white tea scent.

4. Wide adaptability, cold, Naifei high yield.

5. Yinghong-9 fresh leaves aroma substances, the most abundant component is linalool and its oxides, its terpene index values as high as 0.938. British Red with its world famous India, Sri Lanka tea is comparable to the tea sector as the "rising star", with the domestic known as "tea star" Dianhong (Yunnan black tea) and "tea hero," the Qi red (black Tea) together have been identified as China's three most famous export tea.