CITC Yingde Tea Garden



Add:Shenzhen baoan district fuyong street xin tian community fengtang road no.1

Tea garden address:Yingde city lianjiankou Town jinhaiwan economic development zone

Yingde black tea brewing methods

1, the water temperature in 80-90 degrees, it is best recommended or tureen.

2, if the tea is also a good tea set, tea towels, tea suppress, TSP,), ChaGa, ChaZhen, fragrance-smelling cup, sample tea cup, tea strainer, electronic bubble

Pot. ) First the tureen washed with boiling water.

3, fast into the prepared tea, rock bowl cover, take cover wen xiang.

4, pour into boiling water XiCha, XiCha and don't stay too long.

5, after the bubble every time add 5 seconds to 10 seconds, when poured out the tea juice every time.