CITC Yingde Tea Garden



Add:Shenzhen baoan district fuyong street xin tian community fengtang road no.1

Tea garden address:Yingde city lianjiankou Town jinhaiwan economic development zone

Yingde was officially named  "township of the Chinese black tea"

  Old tea district crown a new name

Key tea area German city of guangdong province, China association of economic forest strict review by the state forestry administration officially named "the hometown of Chinese black tea".

Britain is an ancient tea area. There are historical records, British tea dates back to the tang dynasty, from more than 1200 years ago. British and widespread development of tea production began in the mid - 1950 - s, existing tea garden covers an area of 60000 mu. The production of the British tea, delicious, rich contents, reached the international advanced tea quality level. Since the 1980 s, British black tea repeatedly in the domestic and international tea appraisal, successively won 37, the international gold prize 4 times. Before the 90 s, "all the British black tea" for export, becomes famous.

The city's successful introduction created several excellent tea varieties, including the state one, green tea, taste mellow; Oolong tea, fragrance, taste glycol, broke the Britain, there was no history of oolong tea, obtains the title of "guangdong province high quality oolong tea". Tea expert professor Chen rather, Fang Jinfu senior agronomist et 1 special praise for the states, suggest the Germany to vigorously develop the variety. Taiwan alishan tea teacher made a special trip to Germany and processing the state one, back to Taiwan after tasting praise: the state a number can be processed into many varieties of high tea scent. The state MuChanZhi YiHao years up to 12000 yuan, 6-8 times that of conventional varieties.

In recent years, the city's flower town rock back in 800-1200 meters above sea level mountain development grow high mountain tea, tea from the quality is very good, is applying for green food certification of organic tea, tea. Rock back green tea as the German after "British black tea" brand products.