CITC Yingde Tea Garden



Add:Shenzhen baoan district fuyong street xin tian community fengtang road no.1

Tea garden address:Yingde city lianjiankou Town jinhaiwan economic development zone

Tea such as product life


Hold cup in hand a cup of fragrant teas, filar silk fragrant dilute dust, precipitation thoughts, experience life. Let the sweet moist heart, its taste is dust free from vulgarity. Tea, taste the four seasons accumulate flavour, taste light life is wonderful.

The early winter night, seems to be some long, busy day, I no tiredness, the only hobby is drinking tea. As long as there is free, love to brew a cup of green tea with a glass. Then sit on tea table, static god looked upon the cup tea the ups and downs, relax body and mind, look at the tea in the cup up, tawny leave light faint scent, from shallow to deep, deep breath by Chinese. Sip, carefully taste the tea bitter sweet, connect, ups and downs, upright, taste with the ups and downs of the world, and naked.

People often say: "the first tea bitter tea, as in life, such as life, the second tea such as love, the third tea such as the wind". A cup of green tea, the three life, human life like a leaf, sooner or later to dissolve in the diverse world changes vary. In the process of soluble remit blend, everyone from the cradle to the grave, contribute their own life, walk the life journey. In this big stage in life, people will only pay attention to the leading role, don't go to deliberately pay attention to those in a supporting role, as very few people care about cup of tea every leaf. Life such as tea, a piece or more thick, a little or weak, either strong or light, to thin savor, homes are taste.

A leaf, looked so small and delicate, so insignificant, it's so wonderful. The shape of the internal work of tea, no noise, no exciting of tai, a lamp light, rich and fresh air. Tea taste to feel, is that a cup of green tea light taste. Tasted bitter, sweet aftertaste! People in the world fame fortune drifting heavy, therefore, naked, honor and pain is all in the mind, only indifferent to quiet, to do the most in-depth and meticulous about life, the most original, the most valuable taste. All this is how similar with tea.