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The second British black tea culture festival was held in China!

Deputy secretary of municipal party committee of the communist party of China, Britain, and the mayor Huang Zhensheng delivered his opening speech

On September 28 and October 3, in this autumn, autumn tea fragrance, in 2014 the second China British black tea culture festival in guangdong tea industry association annual meeting was held in the German city of guangdong. The festival by the British association of tea industry joint southern newspaper media group, guangdong tea industry association, hosted by the German city people's government and other units. Nearly thousands of guests and customers from all over the country together, Britain, tea.

Black tea culture festival with a German original dance "rhyme of tea". CPPCC members, yuan-dong li, vice chairman of guangdong calligrapher's association at the opening ceremony, written or a paint "British and Chinese black tea black tea black tea of the world" a calligraphy, given the Germany of the municipal people's government. Under the full attention, to participate in the opening ceremony of the seven guests with engraved with "German" black tea trademark stamp on yuan-dong li calligraphy, the vast size of the seals, seal surface width are 30 cm, the scene is recognized as the most of the world.

On a six-day festival, companies from all over the country more than one hundred tea, tea dealers has brought all kinds of tea, the tea contains almost all the tea in China. In their own home, Britain a local tea companies also charged with their own closet tea treasures, citic fangyuan British tea garden general manager Mr Raymond chau, has developed the very tea reception guests from all directions, and to get the guest's consistent high praise and love.

In addition to a wide variety of famous tea, black tea culture festival is organized in guangdong tea industry development peak BBS, DaMai directions for tea industry. More feast one's eyes on the tea, tea garden ecological tour, and different theme every night of the party, all show the British black tea culture, charm and elegant appearance. To participate in the process of black tea culture festival, the participants can also walk into the country of origin of the British black tea, the red town, together for the older generation of educated young people planted ten thousand acres of tea plantations, feel the fragrance of the tea into a series of tree-lined, taste ancient tea farmers a simple life.

In June last year, Germany, the first China successfully hosted the 2013 British black tea culture festival in guangdong province tenth excellent tea quality competition, makes the visibility of British black tea at home and abroad rapidly increased. The black tea culture festival held just join 11 tourism golden week, also coincided with a broad highway was formally opened, with a time advantage, let many German tourism can cognitive British black tea, after leaving Britain to promote British black tea, British black tea out of Germany, out of guangdong, out of China, towards the world stage.

Britain is located in the beijiang river middle reaches, it is the largest tea production base in guangdong, is known as "the hometown of Chinese black tea". British black tea oil color, delicate even, taste sweet to India, Sri Lanka, black tea is known as the "Oriental beauty of gold", is the national geographical indications protection products. In the early 1960 s, British black tea drink praise at home and abroad, in 1963 the British queen on grand feast, with British black tea to entertain guests.

Since British black tea culture festival of China successfully held the first since last year, the reputation of British black tea at home and abroad rapidly improving. Where "the red 9" and "mountain fog" tea, and other varieties in short supply in the market, its planting area, yield sales soared in an all-round way. In 2013 the city tea output value 1.137 billion yuan, in 2014 is expected to exceed 1.5 billion yuan. The research centre for Chinese agricultural brand evaluation British black tea brand value of 1.196 billion yuan in 2014, the black tea in the top three.

Now, German city operation and the size of the black tea tea factory more than 50, tea industry practitioners of more than 100000 people, tea industry is becoming a German agricultural advantage industries and mountain farmers get rich kang's pillar industries. According to the plan, the British and the years 2017 to the construction of modern standardized tea garden 150000 Chinese acres, of which 90000 mu of black tea, other totals 60000 mu, the production of 30000 tons, implementation of tea industry output value of 15 billion yuan. Give priority to with the British red 9, as one of the country's largest high-end tea base.